Speaker Series 2008-2009

Political Economy Workshop

Spring 2009


All sessions will meet in 127 Corwin Hall, unless otherwise noted

Monday, February 16 at 4:30 PM
John Patty, Harvard University
"The Incompatibility of Deliberative Democracy and Democratic Institutions"
Paper 1
Paper 2

Monday, February 23 at 4:30 PM
Pedro Dal Bó, Brown University
"Workers, Warriors, and Criminals: Social Conflict in General Equilibrium"

Monday, March 9 at 4:30 PM
John Hatfield, Stanford University
"A Political Economy Theory of Partial Decentralization"

Monday, April 6 at 4:30 PM
Nolan McCarty, Princeton U.
"Welfare and Paternalism"

Monday, April 13 at 4:30 PM
Michael Ting, Columbia University
"Redistribution and Pork in Two-Party Competition"

Monday, April 20 at 4:30 PM
Roland Benabou and Andrea Vindigni, Princeton U.
"Science, Religion, and Growth"

Monday, April 27 at 4:30 PM
David Austen-Smith, Northwestern U.
"Public Disclosure, Private Revelation, or Silence: Whistleblowing Incentives and Managerial Policy"

Monday, May 4 at 4:30 PM
Jon Eguia, New York University
"A Spatial Theory of Party Formation"



Fall 2008

Monday, September 22 at 4:30 PM
Steven Callander, Northwestern U.
"Searching for Good Policies"

Monday, October 6 at 4:30 pm
Alexandre Debs, U. of Rochester
"War! Who is it Good for? The Relationship between Regime Type, the Fate of Leaders and War"

Monday, October 13 at 4:30 pm
Avinash Dixit, Princeton U.
"Democracy, Autocracy, and Bureaucracy"

Monday, October 20 at 4:30 PM
Francesco Trebbi, U. of Chicago
"The Political Economy of the US Mortgage Crisis"

Monday, November 3 at 4:30 PM
Carles Boix, Princeton U. and Milan Svolik, U. of Illinois and CSDP
"The Foundations of Limited Authoritarian Government: Institutions and Power-Sharing in Dictatorships"