Voting, Agendas, and the Political Economy of Policymaking

A Conference in Memory of Howard Rosenthal
Dec 16, 2022Dec 17, 2022
Silver Center, NYU


Event Description


  • Adam Bonica (Stanford): "Money, Votes, and Tweets: Towards a General Measure of Elite Ideology" Discussant: Jeffrey Lewis (UCLA)
  • Patrick Bolton (Imperial College London): "The End of the 'Modern Corporation': Deregulation and Ownership of Electric Utilities" Discussant: Sanford Gordon (NYU)
  • Wendy Schiller (Brown): "Inequality Across State Lines: How Policymakers have Failed Domestic Violence Victims in the United States" Discussant: Jaclyn Kaslovsky (Rice)
  • Nolan McCarty (Princeton University) and Steven Callander (Stanford): "Agenda Control under Policy Uncertainty" Discussant: Catherine Hafer (NYU) 
  • Abdul Noury (NYU Abu Dhabi): "Anomalies in Scaling Parliamentary Voting Data" Discussant: Erik Voeten (Georgetown)