Gleason Judd

Assistant Professor of Politics
313 Fisher Hall

I study formal political theory and political economy. I am interested in how democratic political institutions shape executive and legislative policymaking.

Selected Publications

“Showing Off: Promise and Peril in Unilateral Policymaking”, Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 2017, 12(2): 241-268.

“Does it Pay to Tinker With a Relic? Analyzing Proposals to Reform the Separation of Powers” (with Lawrence S. Rothenberg) R&R, American Journal of Political Science.

“Campaign Contributions and Lobbying in Legislatures: Buying and Using Access”

“Lobbying and Polarization in Repeated Elections” (with Peter Bils and John Duggan)

“Stalling” (with Peter Bils and William Spaniel)

“Accountability, Ideology, and Judicial Review” (with Peter Bils and Bradley C. Smith)