Settling it on the Field: Battlefield Events and War Termination

TitleSettling it on the Field: Battlefield Events and War Termination
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsRamsay KW
JournalThe Journal of Conflict Resolution
Date PublishedDec 2008
ISBN Number00220027
Keywords1210:Politics & political behavior, 9130:Experiment/theoretical treatment, Casualties, Conflict management, Peace negotiations, Political Science--International Relations, Political theory, Studies, War
AbstractUsing a sample of battlefield data from twentieth-century wars, the author of this article tests a number of previously untested hypotheses linking battle events and the decision to end violent conflict. The author explores how factors like the distribution of power, battlefield casualties, and information that flows from the battlefield influence war termination. The analysis speaks to the validity of competing rational choice theories of war termination. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]