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NO SE SI ES RELEVANTE Argentina's constitution and electoral rules promote a fragmented polity. It is in those environments that independent judiciaries develop. Instead, most analysts do not consider the Argentina judiciary as independent. In this article we attempt to explain this contradiction by showing that this perception is inappropriate…
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This paper links the theory of interest groups influence over the$\backslash$nlegislature with that of congressional control over the judiciary. The$\backslash$nresulting framework reconciles the theoretical literature of lobbying$\backslash$nwith the negative available evidence on the impact of lobbying over$\backslash$nlegislative outcomes, and…
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Most U.S. state supreme court justices face elections or reappointment by elected officials, and research suggests that judicial campaigns have come to resemble those for other offices. We develop predictions on how selection systems should affect judicial decisions and test these predictions on an extensive dataset of death penalty decisions by…