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Seminal contributions to political economy argue that citizens will more readily engage in political action when they are being taxed, especially compared to when their governments receive nontax revenue from oil. In part this tendency is said to enable the well-known resource curse. We perform two substantively identical experiments with…
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Edward D. Mansfield Hum Rosen Professor of Political Science Department$\backslash$nof Political Science University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA$\backslash$n19104 215-898-7657 (phone) 215-573-2073 (fax) [email protected]$\backslash$nHelen V. Milner BC Forbes Professor of Politics and
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We consider two classes of explanations for the rise in policy-related economic uncer- tainty in the United States since 1960. The first stresses growth in government spending, taxes, and regulation. A second stresses increased political polarization and its implications for the policy-making process and policy choices.
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How does globalization affect economic growth? We discuss mechanisms that link international integration to the incentives for knowledge accumulation and the efficacy of that process. First, integration facilitates the flow of knowledge across national borders. Second, integration affords innovators a larger potential market even as it subjects…
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We develop a multicountry, dynamic general equilibrium model of product innovation and international trade to study the creation of comparative advantage through research and development and the evolution of world trade over time. In our model, firms must incur resource costs to introduce new products, and forward-looking potential producers…